An Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL Discusses Red Flags That May Lead to Surveillance

Insurance adjusters will keep an eye out for potential “red flags” in your case that may result your claim being placed under surveillance. A reputable accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL will protect you from unwarranted intrusion and give you advice on avoiding suspicious behavior.

Red Flag Indicators

Your accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL will go over behaviors that could be interpreted by adjusters as “red flags” that merit placing your case under surveillance.

Nanosecond lawyer letter test—The letter of representation of your accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL is dated the same day as your on-the-job injury, if not earlier. The adjuster may suspect that you are a “claim conscious” person who retains an attorney quickly following any injury to seek financial compensation.

Union demand test—An unusually quick inquiry from your union representative into whether the claim was accepted is a red flag for premeditation, or at least an indication of over-eager behavior on your part.

Greenback poultice test—You were seen hobbling on the way to receive a compensation check but walking normally on the way to your convertible. Even more suspicious—you leap across the door onto your seat.

M.I.A.—If you claim to be disabled but are never home when the adjuster calls you during the day, he will develop serious doubts regarding your disability.

Couch potato—You are at home when the adjuster calls but cannot respond because you are watching television shows.

Exaggeration test—Your claims and disability appear exaggerated considering the nature of the accident and comparable previous injuries.

Dr. Whiplash—Your treating doctor is reputed for having a pro-plaintiff bias, and is suspected of having a close relationship with the law firm of the accident attorney in Jacksonville, FL representing you.

Big case—You and your accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL makes a claim for an outlandish amount of money resulting from loss of wage or loss of wage earning capacity.

Deep-throat—Helpful informants, namely your coworkers, supervisors or ex-wife seeking delayed alimony payments, alert the adjuster (sometimes anonymously) that you are actually employed at another job or playing golf.

Gut-feeling test—Even without a tangible red flag, the adjuster’s experience in dealing with dishonest claimants and their accident attorneys in Jacksonville, FL tells him or her that something is not right about your case. This is also known as the “smell test” or “stink test.”

Saccharine test—The adjuster will consider placing you under surveillance if you appear either unduly aggressive or overly pleasant.

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