Should I Accept the First Auto Accident Settlement Offer I Receive in Florida?

Any kind of vehicular accident can be a stressful experience to be in. If you have been involved in a car accident and have sustained physical injuries and property damages as a result, you and your car accident lawyer in Palatka, Florida can work toward an auto accident settlement against the at-fault party.

Nonetheless, how will you know whether the proposed car accident settlement offer is sufficient for your situation, given the injuries you have sustained and the property losses that have occurred as a result of the other driver’s negligence? Is it right to accept the first compensation offer every single time?

When Not to Accept an Auto Accident Settlement Offer in Palatka, Florida

If you have already filed a claim for your Florida car accident, you may easily become impatient with the entire process. Sometimes, a claim procedure can be lengthy, especially if the other party’s insurance carrier requires additional days for evaluation. The fact that accident injuries often command steep hospital and medication expenses doesn’t help, either. At this point, you may be most eager to accept the first auto accident settlement that comes your way.

However, there are certain cases wherein you are better off re-evaluating the first offer for your car accident claim in Palatka, Florida:

  • If the auto accident settlement does not factor in your present and future medical expenses, then you should either re-evaluate it or reject it. After an accident, it is possible for your injuries to necessitate long-term care. Your car accident settlement amount should be able to take care of these issues.
  • If the settlement does not allow you to recover lost wages while you are recuperating from your injuries, you might want to defer from accepting the offer immediately. Any offer on a Florida car accident claim should be sufficient to reimburse you for lost wages, both present and future, as you heal totally from any physical and psychological trauma brought about by the car accident.
  • If the accident has cost you irreparable losses, such as the loss of a body part, mobility, or even a loved one, these losses should be factored into your auto accident settlement, as well. If the car accident settlement offer in Palatka, Florida excludes any of these losses, you will have to consult with your lawyer for any possible course of action.

When to Accept an Auto Accident Settlement in Palatka, Florida

Auto Accident Settlement Lawyer in Palatka, Florida
Negotiating an auto accident settlement can be stressful. That’s why you should rely on John Fagan Accident Lawyers for guidance.

A car accident settlement, in order to be workable, should benefit both parties. However, not all settlements may prove fair to one party. This explains why it is best to evaluate any settlement offer first, prior to accepting it.

If the car accident settlement factors in not only your loss of wages and medical expenses, but also non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, you may have a fair auto accident settlement in front of you. However, if the settlement appears to be insufficient, then take that as a sign that you should reach out to a car accident lawyer to help you negotiate.

Not all initial offers on a car accident claim in Palatka, Florida will prove to be advantageous. In the event that the other party refuses to offer a fair auto accident settlement, you and your lawyer may decide to bring your case to court instead.

How Can a Florida Auto Accident Settlement Lawyer Help?

When it comes to evaluating settlement offers for a Florida car accident, your lawyer will play a vital role. First, your lawyer will be responsible for compiling all documents and receipts that will support the amount you wish to receive for your auto accident claim settlement. These requirements will be evaluated by the insurance company in their computations. In addition, a good auto accident lawyer will be able to calculate your intangible losses, such as the mental anguish you’ve had to go through, in order to recover more from just your physical losses.

When it comes to discussions with insurance agents, moreover, you need to do so only in the presence of your legal representation. These insurance carriers may attempt to offer you the lowest possible amount on your claim. Although accepting their first auto accident settlement may guarantee you immediate financial help, it may not necessarily factor in all your important expenses and losses.

Work with John Fagan Accident Lawyers for Your Auto Accident Settlement in Palatka, Florida

If you are unsure as to how the auto accident settlement process works, talk to us. Or, if you feel that the at-fault party is shortchanging you with your car accident settlement, send us a message. Here at John Fagan Accident Lawyers, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your auto accident settlement claim in Palatka, Florida. Work with any of our auto accident lawyers today.

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