7 Effective Tips to Maximize Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement

The possibility of being injured on the job is a major concern for millions of American workers. It’s reported that every 7 seconds a worker is injured at work and MOST of the injuries are preventable. These workplace injuries cost companies an astronomical $1 billion every week.

If you have been injured on the job, it’s only right that you file a workers’ compensation claim and do everything you can to get the best possible settlement. You have a legal right to be compensated for the piling medical bills, the pain, the stress, the lost wages, and other financial hurdles you’re going through.

A lot of insurance companies will try their best to never pay for the compensation you deserve. But, there are things you can do to maximize your workers’ comp settlement.

1. Get Treatment as Soon as Possible – It’s important you get treatment as soon as possible after the accident, regardless of how mild the injuries seem. Sometimes, people wait a few days and see whether the injury improves, but it can go either way, and it could get worse. Failure to see a doctor immediately could seem like you were not significantly injured… and the insurance company will use that to their advantage.
Follow the Doctor’s Instructions – It’s vital that you do what the doctor says. Refusing to follow the doctor’s instructions could lead to a denied claim. You have the right to ask questions about the treatment, the side effects and potential risks. However, it’s essential that you attend all your appointments and follow up on their advice. If the doctor advises you not to perform certain activities or lifting heavy objects, don’t take this time at home to do your landscaping or other tedious chores.
Notify Your Employer of the Injuries – It’s a legal requirement for all employees to report their injuries to their employers as soon as they’re injured. If you wait more than 30 days before making an official report in writing, your rights to compensation will be terminated.

4. File a Worker’s Compensation Claim – Once you get treatment, you need to file your workers’ compensation claim. Your employer can provide you with a form, or you can download it from the SBWC website. In order to maximize your workers’ compensation settlement, it’s imperative you file the claim as soon as you can.

5. Hire a Professional Workers’ Compensation Lawyer – A workers’ compensation lawyer could maximize your workers’ compensation settlement. They understand the workers’ comp laws and know how to navigate cases with insurance companies. They will advise you about what to say and not say, follow up on your case, and save you all the stress and trouble of dealing with the case.

6. Keep in Mind… the Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend – Insurance adjusters may be the most seemingly friendly people you can meet, initially. They will sweet talk you, so to speak, and seem to have real concern for you and you may think they have your interest at heart. While it’s true they may feel your pain and be empathetic, they are after the company’s best interest.

7. Understand Disability Ratings – Depending on your job, your injuries may be so severe that they prevent you from working for a few months, or longer. Workers’ comp disabilities fall into four different categories. The first is the temporary total disability that could keep workers from going to work for a minimum period of time. The second is the temporary partial disability, which could prevent workers from performing some of their job duties for a given period of time. The third is the permanent partial disability, which permanently prevents workers from being able to perform certain duties in their workplace. The last is the permanent total disability, which prevents workers from ever working again in any type of job. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the doctor will give you a disability rating that could determine how much compensation you get.

It’s important to follow these tips to ensure you get the best settlement possible. Beyond that, hiring a professional workers’ comp lawyer can be extremely beneficial for your case.
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