5 Things to Do After You’re Hurt on the Job

Almost 70,000 Florida workers are injured on the job every year. Surprisingly, most of them aren’t aware of all the rights they have regarding medical care and other benefits. Doing specific things if you’re hurt on the job can help protect those rights.

  1. File a Report

As soon as you are able, file a report of the injury with your work supervisor. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, you still must report it. Sometimes minor injuries grow into more serious ones.

The written report you file should contain all the pertinent details of the event. Your name, contact information, workplace information and the events leading up to the accident need to be included in this report. Ensure that you receive a copy of it and that you file it somewhere that you can easily access it should you need to do so at a later date.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

It’s important that you seek medical attention for any on-the-job injury you’ve experienced — no matter how small or minor you might think it is. When you arrive at the medical facility, be sure to inform the staff that your injuries occurred while you were working.

  1. Take Pictures

When it comes to documenting the circumstances surrounding your workplace accident, pictures can lend a visual element that a written report might lack. Make sure that you get a picture of the area of your workplace where you were injured, the places on your body that were injured and any items or extenuating circumstances, if applicable.

  1. Talk to Witnesses

Unless you work in a very small company, it’s likely that there were witnesses to your injuries. Get these witness statements as soon as possible after the event so that memories are still fresh.

  1. Contact an Experienced Lawyer

Only an experienced Florida worker’s compensation lawyer like the ones at Accident Lawyer John Fagan can protect your rights objectively and thoroughly when it comes to being injured on the job. The sooner you schedule a consultation with one of the worker’s compensation lawyer experts at Accident Lawyer John Fagan, the sooner you can lay the groundwork for getting the compensation, medical benefits and monetary awards that you are entitled to. Call 904-LAW-1212 to have your case reviewed for free.

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