3 Factors That Affect the Length of Your Workers’ Comp Case

Some workers’ compensation cases are settled within a few weeks, while others take two years. Many details can influence the length, outcome, and settlement amount of your workers’ comp case. The first is hiring a skilled lawyer to pursue your claim and make sure you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled.

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Accident Lawyer John Fagan is well-known for his tenacity and drive to help injured clients. He and our legal team specialize in workers’ compensation claims and can help you navigate the process for a just and timely settlement. Some of the factors that may affect the length of your workers’ comp case include:

1.    Prompt Injury Reporting and Medical Treatment

It’s imperative to tell your boss about your workplace injury as soon as possible. The State of Florida requires you to report a work injury within 30 days of the job-related accident. Or, you must inform your employer within 30 days of a physician diagnosing a work-related injury. If you fail to file a report in that period, you could forfeit your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Timely medical treatment is another essential part of your claim and how long it will take to receive your owed benefits. Not only does prompt medical care often lead to faster recoveries, but it documents your injuries along with any physical restrictions caused by the workplace accident. Delaying medical treatment can give the insurance company the impression your injuries are not as severe or that they did not happen at all. Seek medical care immediately to fast-track your claim and strengthen your case.

2.    Consult an Independent Doctor and Compile Records

After you report your workplace injury, your employer or their insurance provider will tell you which doctor to see for medical treatment. However, it’s wise to seek another opinion from a secondary medical professional who does not have a conflict of interest. The doctor required by the insurance company may downplay the extent of your injury to benefit the insurance company, and your doctor’s opinion will directly impact your awarded benefits. You may have to go through a waiting period or be limited to a set number of physician changes for your workers’ comp claim but seeing an independent doctor who will provide unbiased care will help your case and recovery.

The value and timeline of your workers’ compensation case also rely on detailed records and notes. Keep all medical documentation and write down the days of work you’ve lost due to the injury. Take note of any limitations the injury places on your abilities and quality of life and have a trusted loved one help you compile these details. Accident Lawyer John Fagan and our skilled legal team can help you gather some of these documents, but the more records you have, the better the chance for you to get a maximum recovery.

3.    Know Your Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ comp benefits vary by state and come in several forms. Temporary disability benefits are allotted when the injury takes you out of the workforce while you recover. In Florida, temporary disability checks apply for up to 104 weeks. You must show that you cannot work during this time or the employer cannot provide reasonable accommodations that allow you to return to the job. Permanent disability benefits are paid when your injuries prevent you from returning to work altogether.

Other areas of compensation in workers’ comp cases include medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and mileage. Vocational rehabilitation involves finding a position that fits your work limitations and retraining in the field. Mileage includes travel related to your injury, such as to and from doctor’s appointments and physical therapy.

These steps will help you move your claim forward but contacting our workers’ comp attorney will help fast-track your case. John Fagan understands how to pursue these claims aggressively, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries or learning to live with a lifelong disability from a workplace accident.

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