Should I Be Worried if I Am Not Satisfied with the Insurance Adjuster’s “Final Offer”?

More often than not, when the insurance adjuster claims that the offer he is making is his final offer, he is bluffing. The insurance adjuster is likely attempting to pressure you into making a hasty decision and accepting an unsatisfactory settlement.

However, as all experienced Florida personal injury attorneys know, the value of your personal injury claim does not diminish over time. A $50,000 personal injury claim will continue to be worth $50,000, regardless of how long the insurance company stalls.

With an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer on your side, you have the ability to call the adjuster’s bluff and threaten to file suit. It ultimately costs the insurance company a lot more if the claim is allowed to proceed to litigation, with attorney’s fees and all. Such a move will make most insurance adjusters who are simply stalling to reconsider their tactics.

If the insurance adjuster persists with his bluff, an experienced Florida personal injury attorney can simply remind the adjuster that litigation is against both his best interest and yours. Allowing a claim to proceed to litigation typically reflects poorly on the insurance adjuster. The extra time a lawsuit takes will severely decrease the adjuster’s turnover, which may cause the adjuster’s caseload to become extremely burdensome. The key is to show the adjuster that bluffing is an extremely bad idea.

This is just one of many situations where having an experienced Florida personal injury attorney on your side will make a significant difference. Call Florida personal injury attorney John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.

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