When Can You Seek Compensation for Slip, Trip, or Fall Injuries?

Each year in Florida, there are thousands slip and fall injuries. If a fall was due
to a dangerous condition, you may be due compensation under Florida Law.
Compensation is designed to cover your medical bills and lost wages, as well as
pain and suffering.

Seek Compensation as Soon as Possible!
UnderFlorida Law, private homes, parking lots, walkways and buildings must all be
reasonably maintained to allow people to move about safely. If you have a fall,
you should consult with an attorney the day the accident occurs if possible.
This is not too soon to get the process started. In fact, seeking the advice of
an attorney who specializes in slip, trip and fall cases immediately after the
accident helps ensure important evidence is not lost.

What if You Don’t File Right Away?
Sometimes fall victims don’t realize the extent of their injuries right away. Many times
a person is embarrassed by falling and doesn’t realize it may not have been
their fault.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?
It’s possible your health insurance will cover a portion of your medical bills.
You’ll still be responsible for any co-pays your insurance company requires. But,
your health insurance won’t provide compensation for any lost wages or pain and
suffering you suffer from the fall. You’ll need to seek compensation through an
experienced attorney.

How Long Do I Have to File My Injury Claim?
Everystate has a statute of limitations that details the length of time that you
have to file a claim for compensation. The clock usually starts ticking on the
date of injury. It’s smart to contact an experienced lawyer to ensure your
rights are protected. An accident lawyer who can answer questions or concerns
you might have regarding the statute of limitations and other matters as then
apply to your particular case.

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