What to Look for in an Auto Accident Attorney Middleburg FL

What to Look for in an Auto Accident Attorney Middleburg FL


When you’ve been involved in a serious accident in Florida, you can’t rely on your insurance to get you the settlement you need. However, the thought of trying to find the best auto accident attorney Middleburg FL may be overwhelming to someone who has recently been through a traumatic experience. To make the search a little easier, there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin. Knowing what to look for can help you quickly eliminate the wrong attorneys and narrow down the right one to represent you. 

A Strong Work Ethic 

Ideally, you’re looking for a lawyer with decades of experience in auto accident law and a strong desire to run the extra mile for their clients. Someone who has handled hundreds or even thousands of auto accident cases will know the common pitfalls and loopholes that other attorneys are likely to miss. But just because a layer has plenty of experience doesn’t mean they’re always willing to use that experience for the good of their clients. When a lawyer settles for ‘good enough’, they may cost their clients their requested financial settlement. 

The Right Reputation 

An auto accident attorney can make claim after claim on their website, but all of their promises won’t mean anything if they can’t back it up with their references. While this is a more labor-intensive step for clients, asking for and calling upon an attorney’s old clients gives you a chance to piece together what your experience will actually be like (should you choose to hire them.) From extra fees to punctuality to competence, make you sure ask questions that drill down to the attorney’s overall efficacy in their job. 

Straightforward Communication 

You may not be a lawyer but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand the gist of the legal system. If an attorney refuses to speak to you in plain terms, then they may either be purposefully trying to confuse you or they may have a general problem with communication. Regardless of which one it happens to be, neither are very good qualities in an auto accident attorney Middleburg FL. Starting with the quality of their website, look for a lawyer who’s able to give you the facts without burying you in superfluous details. 

Excellent Listening Skills 

An auto accident attorney Middleburg FL needs to understand not only what happened to you, but what exactly you need from them to put this incident in your proverbial rear view mirror. Maybe you need them to straighten out the paperwork, or perhaps you don’t have the time to collect the witness statements to properly build your case. The right lawyer will be able to understand what you’re looking for so they can hit the pain points. 

Hiring an auto accident attorney Middleburg FL may be a daunting experience, but it’s the best step you can take to rectify a wrong. An insurance company will look at every avenue available to reduce their costs, but an attorney can see the situation for what it is. If you’re looking for justice, you’ll first need to find a lawyer you can really trust.  

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