One of the most terrifying situations you can be in is receiving an on the job injury. You have so many questions afterward, this article answers them.

Job injuries are incredibly common. In fact, workers get injured on the job once every seven seconds in the United States. Though you can’t eliminate the risk of injuries and accidents on the job, you can be ready to handle them if they happen. Here are a few key things you need to do if you’re injured at work.

Notify Your Employer as Soon as Possible – Tell them what happened in as much detail as you can. This will help them fill out an accident report and makes getting the workers’ compensation claim started much easier. If possible, answer their questions as thoroughly as you can. Be sure to mention any coworkers that witnessed your accident. They can help strengthen your workers’ compensation claim.

Get Medical Treatment – Most employers have preferred doctors or urgent care providers that you’ll need to see for medical treatment. Ask your employer for the address of their preferred medical practitioner. They should also be able to notify the doctor or urgent care center that you’re on your way for treatment. Keep in mind that you’re free to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician if you’re not happy with the care you received initially. You just might have to pay for the appointment out of pocket.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders – After receiving a diagnosis and treatment plan, make sure you follow your doctor’s advice. If they tell you that you shouldn’t return to work for a few days, weeks, or months, let your employer know. If they tell you that you should avoid certain activities, make sure you follow their directions. If you engage in activities that your doctor tells you to avoid, you risk losing your workers’ compensation claim. The same holds true for participating in activities outside of the workplace. If your doctor tells you not to do something and your supervisor finds out that you’re doing it anyway, you risk losing out on your on-the-job injury pay.

Write Down What Happened – After any injury, even if it seems minor, try to write down what happened as you remember it. The sooner you can do this, the better. The details can fade over time and the less information you have to illustrate the seriousness of your injury, the harder it will be to get the money you deserve. If you can, try to get your coworkers that witnessed the accident to write down what they remember, too. The more details you can provide to the insurance company, the easier it will be to prove the validity of your claim.

Fill Out the Workers’ Compensation Paperwork – Your employer should initiate the workers’ compensation claim on your behalf. But there will be forms that you’ll need to fill out if you want the claim to proceed. Ask your employer about the information you need to provide.

Consult With a Job Injury Attorney – Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the insurance provider will give you the compensation you deserve. It’s in their best interest to deny workers’ compensation claims whenever possible. That doesn’t mean you have to accept the decision. If you’re worried about the claim, call us at 904-777-JOHN! There’s never a fee unless we get money for you!

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