Understanding What a Social Security Disability Attorney Does in Preparing You to Testify

Jacksonville Social Security Disability Attorney

Clients often have questions about what their attorney will do when preparing them to testify in a Social Security disability hearing.

What Your Jacksonville Social Security Disability Attorney Does in Preparation

A hearing doesn’t take a great deal of time. Often, it is over in one hour or less. They don’t usually take longer than 90 minutes. If you have met with your attorney prior to your hearing and prepared well, there might not be a need for your lawyer to ask a lot of questions at the hearing. Some judges prefer to ask many questions of the claimant. Your lawyer will ask questions if the answers are not deemed to have been as clear as they could be or there were factors that weren’t explored and detailed. If you give detailed information when answering the judge and do so in a natural manner, the testimony will sound more credible than if you’re reciting what you’ve memorized.

If there are witnesses for your case or the judge calls witnesses, the lawyer will question them. The key to your case often isn’t what happens in front of the judge, but the work your lawyer does in accumulating medical records, speaking to doctors, researching and getting witnesses prepared to testify.

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