Stages of a Car Accident Case



This is when the case is first investigated and the facts are determined. Evidence gathered includes:

• Insurance Policies
• Insurance Policies
• Police Records
• Photographs of Scene and Injuries


Medical Management

We must get an understanding of your injuries and how they will impact your life and your finances.

We will work with other experts to make sure we can prove your harms and losses.


Presuit Demand

We will try to settle your case before it goes to court, costing you extra expenses.

We will prepare a demand letter to put legal pressure on the insurance company in an effort to settle for the maximum insurance coverage possible.

The demand letter will describe any injuries and damages. It will also state how much money we believe the insurance company should pay to resolve the matter.



If we can’t resolve your case, we will initiate the litigation process. Once we file the suit, the litigation process has begun.


This is when we investigate the case by:

• Obtaining depositions from witnesses
• Planning the overall strategy we will use

The defendant will also learn about our claims and plan their own legal strategy.



Personal injury accident cases can be expensive, time consuming and risky for both sides. Both parties usually try to settle the case outside of court.

We will meet with the defendant’s lawyer and try to get you the compensation you deserve.

If we can reach an agreement during Mediation, the case is settled.



When negotiation or mediation fails the case will proceed to trial.
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