Car accidents can happen at any time, often leading to death. They also lead to a worldwide cost of at least $518 billion every year. Getting into an accident can be costly for both parties, from hospitalization to settlement.

Here are some of the best reasons why you need to call Accident Attorney John Fagan right away.

1) Settles Disputed and Complex Liability – The most complicated part when you get into a car accident injury is proving who’s at fault. The collision between two vehicles can lead to some confusing car accident claims. Both sides will likely shift blame, making it harder to prove who is right. A car accident injury lawyer will help you settle the dispute by gathering the evidence and inspecting the value of your injuries when seeking compensation. They will review your medical history, get experts to help provide testimony and handle any liability issues.

2) Handles Insurance Companies – One or more insurance companies may get involved when you make a car accident claim. Insurance companies don’t run a business to pay claims fairly. Insurance adjusters get trained to negotiate settlements with the lowest cost that they can give you. If you don’t have a car accident injury lawyer, you may not know your case’s worth. You can easily fall victim to an insurance adjuster’s use to deny and devalue valid claims. They can use your claim to use contradictory and unclear info against you.

3) Avoid Losing Finances – Getting hospitalized, along with x-rays, surgery, aftercare, medications, and other procedures, are expensive. Insurance companies can also help you pay for car repairs if you provide enough evidence. Make sure to keep a record of the injuries and recovery process to let them compensate for the trauma. Never settle a settlement offer if you don’t have your car accident injury lawyer by your side. If you don’t have an attorney, you may give up your valuable legal rights. Not only will they save you cash, but they will also save you time if you are in a rush.

4) Negotiates and Represents You – Although you may want to quickly end your case, you need to take the time to understand your losing wages and medical bills. You may also need to sign an official document known as a “release.” It states that you will never ask for another claim from the other paying party from the car accident. Car accident injury lawyers will let you know the right choice when in court. Filing a case may be easy, but proving and defending your case will be challenging. A car injury lawyer will know what to say to make your case more convincing. They will also negotiate a fair settlement depending on who’s side is at fault. The lawyers will guide you throughout the process and tell you the possible losses. Car accident lawyers will also help you in case of inaccurate police reports.

5) Learn About the Laws and Regulations – Car accident injury lawyers, like the John Fagan Legal Team, have gone through years of training and lessons. They have more in-depth knowledge about the process done in court and what to say. You can represent yourself in court, but it’s never a good idea unless you’ve studied the process before.

There’s no telling when you may get into a car accident. It’s best to prepare yourself in case it happens, and the best way to do so is to get yourself a good lawyer. At Accident Lawyer John Fagan’s office… There is NEVER A FEE, unless we get money for you! Call us at 904-777-JOHN!

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