Prepare Your Deposition the Right Way With an Orange Park Accident Lawyer

Orange Park Accident LawyerAs your personal injury lawsuit moves forward, there will come a time when it is important to make a deposition, which is essentially a statement of facts that will be used in the final hearings. You’ll be questioned by a representative of the insurance company or business you’re suing. Because of that, you’ll be in a stronger position if you’ve been prepared by an Orange Park accident lawyer. With the right prep work, your deposition should be stress free. Here’s what you can expect to review with your Orange Park accident attorney.

Prior Injuries
Any type of prior injury you’ve had over the course of your lifetime is relevant to your personal injury claim. Your Orange Park accident lawyer will tell you that these recollections should be to the “best of your knowledge,” meaning to relate what you can actually remember. You might even want to write down these injuries and dates to make sure you don’t get confused.

Medical Professionals
Along with your previous injuries, your Orange Park accident attorney will ask you to prepare a list of all the medical professionals who have treated you in the past. It is best to put them in chronological order from oldest to newest.

Loss of Income
This is the key factor in your personal injury lawsuit. Your Orange County accident lawyer will go over what the loss of income means for your current status and any potential future earnings.

Become a Strong Witness for Your Orange Park Accident Lawyer
Beyond getting the facts, the defense attorney will also be sizing you up as a potential witness. Are you clear with your facts? Can you relate the incident of your injury consistently? Are you believable? These are all the issues you’ll review with your Orange Park accident lawyer before the deposition. John Fagan Accident Lawyers can get you ready for your deposition with the hope of landing a favorable outcome. Call their offices today at 904-278-1000 to set up a consolation. Don’t take on this fight alone. Let a qualified Orange Park accident lawyer be by your side every step of the way.

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