How Personal Injury Claims Are Examined by Insurers

How Personal Injury Claims Are Examined by Insurers

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, your Orange Park accident lawyer will explain to you how your insurance company is likely to judge your claim and how the company will come to a decision about whether to settle or go to trial.

Insurance Companies Are Usually Willing to Take Even Small Personal Injury Cases to Court Rather Than Settle.

Insurance companies typically gamble that the outside chance of being ordered to pay a hefty verdict is low and worth the relatively small cost of defending the case in court, contrary to what you might expect. The companies think it is better to pay a few thousand dollars to defend a claim worth upwards of $10,000 if it seems likely that they will win the case. Some companies use the tactic of settling a case on the courthouse steps just before trial, so that they don’t appear eager to settle just to avoid litigation. And if liability is a key issue, they will be willing to spend even more money to defend a case that could be settled for just a few thousand.

Insurance Adjusters Will Not Settle a Claim for More Than They Think It Is Worth, Even If That Keeps the File Open for Longer.

While all insurance adjusters have the goal of closing files, they will not be willing to drastically undercut the value of a claim just to have another file closed. Once a lawsuit begins, the file moves from the adjuster’s desk to the defense attorneys, and is no longer the adjuster’s problem. They leave all the hard work to the defense counsel and your Orange Park accident lawyer to work out.

Insurance Adjusters Must Justify Their Settlement Decisions to a Higher-up at Some Point.

Every claims manager, even at the senior level, has to defend his or her decision to settle a claim to his or her superior either before or after it is finalized. They will sometimes prolong settlement negotiations by citing the need to “get authority” to do anything more for your claim, because they know any decision they make can be questioned or reversed by a superior later on. For this reason, insurance adjusters are careful to make sure every settlement decision can be appropriately justified, and they will not risk their job or career just to close one file or avoid litigation.

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