How much is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

Your Orange Park injury lawyer will explain the numerous factors that contribute to the overall strength of your personal injury case, and the maximum compensation you can expect to receive. Some of the factors that may affect the value of your case include:

Your Expectations

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Not only are your expectations important, it is also important for you to determine what your expectations are. Clients who are easy to work with may obtain higher settlements than clients who are difficult. Your Orange Park injury lawyer will most likely attempt to lower your expectations regarding the case’s value. This is because many variables have an effect on the settlement, such as the quality of potential medical testimony, the quality of supporting witnesses, and comparative negligence.

Quality of Witnesses

Your Orange Park injury lawyer is well aware that the value of your settlement is significantly impacted by the quality of potential witnesses. These include damage and liability witnesses, and both lay and expert witnesses. Your case will be weaker if the only witness you have to support liability is a friend or relative than if you had several impartial witnesses. Your case will also be weakened if the doctor involved does not want to testify, has never testified before, or does not testify well. To put it briefly, your case is only as good as your evidence, and most often your evidence is dependent on your witnesses.


Very low verdicts occur in some particular states, some particular counties, and some particular municipalities. For example, according to Jury Verdict Research, Inc. of Pennsylvania, the states Maine, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Vermont and South Dakota have had less than 10 one million dollar verdicts. On the other side of the aisle, Florida, New York and California have had more than 500 verdicts over one million dollars. Jurors in some areas do not seem to be readily moved by suffering, pain and emotional injury in small cases. This is particularly true if the trial takes place three or four years after the injury occurred. Therefore, when evaluating settlement offers, your Orange Park injury lawyer may advise you to take into account your particular county or jurisdiction.

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