An Orange Park Injury Attorney Discusses How Attorneys Persuade You to Reveal More Than You Should

Orange Park Injury AttorneyOne method defense attorneys use to persuade you to talk more than you should is to ask open-ended questions; another method is to attempt to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. An Orange Park injury attorney knows a common deposition strategy defense attorneys often employ is to play nice even if they are not feeling very nice.

An Orange Park injury attorney is aware that a witness will most likely be nervous as the deposition begins, and therefore, a defense attorney’s kindness at this time will probably have the most effect. Most witnesses are very grateful to be questioned in a kind, understanding manner rather than in a malicious, condescending manner that they have seen used by attorneys depicted on TV and in movies.

During the initial questioning, an Orange Park injury attorney will advise that the defense attorney may employ the following types of actions in an attempt to relax the witness:

• Assure the witness he can request a break if needed;
• Offer to refill the witness’s water glass if it is empty; or
• Offer to exchange places with the witness if sunshine is coming through a window and bothering him.

An Orange Park injury lawyer is well aware that simple acts of consideration and kindness such as these can be quite effective in easing the nervous tension a witness may feel and persuade him or her to open up when answering questions.

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