Need an Experienced Personal Injury Legal Team?

Frustrated Dealing
with the Insurance

Confused About
What You Need
to do Next?


With a 36-year track record of recovering CASH SETTLEMENTS for our clients, we take the confusion and
worry off your back! Your injury claim is handled for you from start to finish, and with care, by some of the
best accident attorneys you’ll find in the Sunshine State.

We manage your medical treatment, tackle the endless paperwork, and fight insurance adjusters for you. Our
goal is to work your case hard in the pre-suit phase. We want you to have the chance to get a fair settlement
before you have to file a lawsuit, end up in court and pay more fees.

Make no mistake …
Our mission is you!

When You’re Hurt In An Accident
You Must Have A Plan!


Protect You & Your Family

The confusion and frustration following an accident gets worse when you’re forced to deal with pushy insurance adjusters who may not have your best interests at heart. We take on insurance adjusters everyday, so you don’t have to. As our client, you’ll never have to deal with the adjusters again.

Get a Doctor Who Understands Yo

Many of our clients have never needed to see a doctor who specializes in injury care. Don’t worry. We’ve been dealing with medical injury specialists since 1983. We know the medical specialists who deal with traumatic injuries. Your dedicated accident lawyer will help you get to the right doctor.

Get Your Car Repaired

You need your vehicle repaired or replaced ASAP and you need a rental car fast! We help our personal injury clients get their property damage claims handled quickly. No one wants to be without transportation.

Act Fast to Get Your Claim

Our team starts working on your case the minute you hire us. We know you need injury claim worries off your back so you can heal. We’ve got you covered from the minute you are onboard with us.

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