Each year nearly 30 million Americans visit emergency departments following a personal injury. A further 39.5 million visit their regular doctor’s surgery regarding these types of injuries. As you can see personal injuries are extremely common.

They can also be extremely distressing, painful and even debilitating. In fact, these types of injuries cost $671 billion a year in lost working hours and medical bills!

When you’re recovering from an injury, this financial loss is the last thing you want to worry about. In that case, you should really hire a personal injury lawyer to help you make a personal injury claim.

This increases your chance of making a successful claim and getting financial compensation for your injury. But how to do find the best lawyer for your case?

We’ve put together a list of questions you should ask any lawyer before hiring them. Read on to find out what to ask to find the best injury lawyers around!

What Types of Cases Do They Usually Handle?

Personal injury law covers a variety of different types of injuries. Some lawyer might cover several areas in a general capacity, while others might specialize in certain areas. You want a lawyer who has extensive experience working on your type of case.

Personal injury claims can include:

  • Cases of medical malpractice or medical negligence
  • Traffic accidents
  • Injuries involving animal bites
  • Injuries involving falls or slips
  • Injuries as a result of product liability
  • Cases of abuse, such as nursing home abuse
  • Cases of battery or assault

The more experience your lawyer has working on your type of claim, the better your chances of success.

Some personal injury firms will have several lawyers who specialize in different areas. This allows them to represent more clients’ cases to an equally high standard. But you should make sure that your case has been matched with the right lawyer for you.

How Long Have They Been Practicing as Injury Lawyers?

To put it simply: lawyers who practice for longer have more experience.

They’ll have a better understanding of possible directions to take your case in. This increases your chances of making a successful claim.

Look for a lawyer with experience under their belt. They might charge a little more than newly trained lawyers. But the price difference could be the difference between winning and losing your case!

Who Will Be Working On Your Case?

Before you hire a lawyer, double-check who will actually be working on your case.

When trying to get new clients a firm will often introduce you to their best injury lawyers. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be the ones working on your case. Make sure that you aren’t going to be passed onto another lawyer that you haven’t met.

You should also ask to meet anyone that you might communicate with during your case. For example, you will probably encounter a lawyer’s personal assistant. Establishing a good report with them will make communication better throughout the process.

What Do They Charge?

Of course, your budget is a big consideration during a personal injury case. Great accident and injury lawyers don’t always come cheap but consider them an investment. And make sure you always read the small print when it comes to their fees.

Some lawyers will offer you a no-win-no-fee deal. Another name for this is a contingent fee.

These types of fees are great if you’re short on cash. You don’t have to pay until you win your case. Then you pay the lawyer a percentage of how much you recover.

This also means that if you don’t win anything, then you don’t lose money in lawyers bills. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This is where you need to be careful.

When hiring a lawyer you also need to take into account the case’s expenses. These sit outside any contingency fees so you may have to cover them whether or not your case wins. These expenses include:

  • Fees for expert witnesses
  • Cost of obtaining medical records and physicians’ reports
  • Fees paid to the court recorder
  • Filing and administrative charges

Before you hire a lawyer you should ask about how they want you to pay their expenses. Some lawyers will advance you the money and let you reimburse them from your recovery money. But others will expect you to pay their expenses as you go along.

This second option can be financially challenging for a lot of people so it might be best to find a lawyer who can advance you the money. However, when it comes to reimbursing them make sure you ask for any invoices and receipts for their expenses. That way you know exactly how much they paid out in the first place!

What Are Their Resources Like?

A great lawyer can only do so much on their own so make sure you look into what their firms’ resources are like.

Lawyers’ resources come in many different forms. For example, having more people on their team to assist with research gives them more time and brainpower to focus on your case. Not all firms will offer big teams like this.

Being a member of particular legal organizations also increases a lawyer’s resources. The largest Florida organization specializing in representing personal injury cases is the Florida Justice Association.

This organization gives Florida personal injury lawyers access to the best legal education resources and publications around. This helps them to keep up to date with the latest news in their specialist area. If you’re hiring a lawyer, this kind of back-up won’t hurt your case!

Get in Touch Your Injury Lawyer Today!

A personal injury doesn’t have to damage your financial life as well as your personal health. Now that you know what to look for in an injury lawyer, don’t miss your chance to make a claim.

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