A Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Attorney Explains Why Insurers Are Less Likely to Settle

The Impact of Lawyer Advertising

An aggressive approach in the pursuit of obtaining personal injury clients and an influx of advertisements for law services has hurt the reputation of personal injury trial attorneys, as a Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorney is well aware. Though some lawyers have benefited from often cheap-looking ads, juries have also been affected. A Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer can explain that the chances of a small or medium case winning a significant verdict are weakened when jurors see these tasteless ads.

The Number of Insurance Claims Has Soared

A Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer can explain that due to attorney advertising, a boost in public awareness and an overabundance of lawyers, the number of personal injury claims in the nation has risen. This has forced insurance carriers to push cases into litigation or offer smaller settlements.

Small and Medium Case Verdicts Are Suffering

During the past several years, there has been an uptick in the number of small to medium cases that have resulted in low verdicts. A Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer can tell you that these verdicts are significantly lower than settlement requests and final offers made before trial. Due to this, insurance carriers are becoming more willing to take their chances at trial.

There Is More Competition

Changes to some states’ workers’ compensation laws have brought about an increase of lawyers. This has forced defense firms to compete for insurance carrier business, leaving some firms to bid on jobs. Since the pool of available attorneys is so large, insurance carriers can retain attorneys at lower costs. In turn, this gives insurance carriers the opportunity to spend small amounts of money to hire attorneys to defend cases they would likely have settled. Taking this route often saves the insurance carrier money because the plaintiff likely will take a low-paying settlement offer. A Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorney is therefore aware that insurance carriers are discouraging claims because they are forcing so many cases to go to trial.

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