An Injury Attorney in Jacksonville, FL Discusses Plaintiff Fraud

An injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL generally knows if his client is guilty of fraud. Read on to find out the key signs that help determine if a plaintiff is being less than truthful.

An Injury Attorney in Jacksonville, FL Assesses Lack of Medical Credibility

There are several things an injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL can do to assess a plaintiff’s lack of medical credibility. One of them involves determining whether there are any differences between the plaintiff’s medical records and how he or she described the accident. Plaintiffs are often more open when they speak to their doctors, and this can account for the different information given to attorneys, as opposed to the facts found in the medical records.

Injury lawyers in Jacksonville, FL will also look at anything that seems amiss in the medical treatment itself. They know that insurance adjusters are often wary of reports by plaintiffs that differ from what the doctor wrote down, or treatments that are unrelated to the injury received. Some of these treatments involve what are known as “objective tests.” Such tests can include certain evaluations of soft tissue injuries, which insurance adjusters are often suspicious of anyway.

Finally, any additional medical problems that just seem to “pop up” during the course of the case can be a red flag for adjusters as well as for lawyers. Attributing these injuries to the initial harm caused by the accident is a common thing fraudulent plaintiffs do in order to increase the amount of their compensation requests. Therefore, attorneys and adjusters will often look for signs of “overtreatment” of relatively minor injuries—especially injuries of a subjective nature.

For More Information About Fraud, Talk to an Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

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