An Injury Attorney in Jacksonville, FL Discusses When Your Case Might Settle

How Long Must I Wait for My Case to Reach Settlement?

Your injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL can explain that there is no way anyone can say exactly how soon a case will come to a settlement. It may be as soon as a few months after you were hurt—or as long as several years—before your case settles or is actually brought to court. As your injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL can tell you, it is likely that a skilled injury lawyer may prefer to delay attempting to bring your case to settlement until you are nearly or are fully recuperated from your various injuries.

What Kind of Information Will My Injury Attorney in Jacksonville, FL Need?

Your injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL will want to ascertain the following:

  • How much money did you have to pay for all of your doctor and hospital expenses?
  • Will you require any additional care and/or follow-up therapeutic assistance from a doctor?
  • What is the estimated cost for such additional care?
  • Do the wounds you sustained constitute an ongoing impairment?
  • If your injury cannot be cured and/or you are facing a long-term impairment, how might it prevent or inhibit your ability to support yourself?
  • How much of your total earnings have you lost due to your condition? Were you deprived of any other work-related benefits?
  • Is your injury expected to cause any additional reduction in your earnings?

Are These the Only Things I Need to Think About?

Your injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL can point out that the above is not a comprehensive list of the issues that will require deliberation on your part and your lawyer’s. Your attorney will be better able to estimate the length of time it may take to fully settle your case as you move forward with the process.

Seek Help From a Qualified Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Final settlement of a case may range from several months to several years. To learn more, contact an injury attorney in Jacksonville, FL by calling John Fagan today at 904-278-1000. The initial consultation is free.

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