Florida set to scale back training requirements for several jobs

“Tallahassee, Fla., – The state of Florida is close to rolling back regulations on many jobs, especially in the salon and beauty industry.

The Florida House and Senate have approved changes for Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and with the Governor’s signature, would mean several jobs would no longer require an occupational license, or may require less training hours for certification.

For starters, the following professionals would no longer need a license altogether:

Hair braiders

Hair wrappers

Body wrappers

Boxing announcers

Boxing timekeepers

The bill also calls for the elimination of requirement that the following licensees obtain a certificate of authorization for their business:

Asbestos abatement consultants and contractors,


Interior Designers

Landscape architects


The new rules would also reduce the hours of training required to obtain the following licenses:


Restricted barbers

Nail specialists

Facial specialists

Full specialists

Supporters of the bill say this should make it even easier for people to start their own business.

Although, not everyone likes the idea.

Some believe the rules are necessary to ensure safety in the industries, and could mean businesses, like salons, will need to do more training of their own, which means they’ll be assuming even more liability. Because of this unintended consequence, there’s a concern among some that these rule changes could ultimately have the opposite effect, deterring people from the business.”

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