Worried about what to do after a car accident? Read on for seven documents you’ll need to show your car accident lawyer to get the ball rolling.

1. Police Report – After any accident, the police will write up an incident report. This details: the attending officer’s initial thoughts on the cause, diagrams showing where other vehicles and pedestrians were, the officer’s belief if there was a violation of traffic rules, as well as statements from drivers, passengers and witnesses. It could change as the investigation progresses and more evidence comes to light. But, it’s a solid foundation for your lawyer to work from to start their own investigations. To get a copy of the report, you’ll need to provide details of the date, drivers names and location. You’ll also need the name of the officer who attended, and any incident report number if given. Provide these details to the police department who attended and request a copy of the report.

2. Tickets & Fines From the Scene – If you received a fine or ticket at the accident tell your lawyer. You may have gotten a ticket for failing to yield. Or you might have tested as under the influenced and received a fine. In these instances, tickets could go against you. Even if you’re not the one to blame. If your lawyer can review this evidence they can factor it into the case. They’ll still be able to show you weren’t at fault if this is the case.

3. Any Information Gathered at the Scene – Any parties involved in an accident often will exchange information. This usually includes things like the drivers’:names, telephone numbers, license numbers, insurance details, and information on the involved cars. Keep that information you get and provide it to your lawyer. You should also provide as many pictures as possible.

4. Initial Statement – As part of their investigation, police will ask anyone involved to make a statement. You have a right to these statements. Make sure to get them to your lawyer.

5. Insurance Policy Information – You should hand over a copy of your insurance policy so they’re aware of the coverage you have. They also need to check that your policy and your premium payments are up to date.

6. Medical Records – If you were injured in the accident, seek treatment immediately. Make sure to later provide your lawyer with all of your medical records. Make sure these documents include treatment of both physical and psychological care. Also include any ongoing care like physical therapy.

7. Pay Records – If you’re injured in the accident, you may need time off work to recover. You might qualify for compensation in relation to any wages you’ll lose. In this case, your lawyer will need to work out how much you’re entitled to. Providing proof of pre-accident earnings will make this task easier for your lawyer. So you’ll might have to give them tax return history and current pay slips. If you own your own business, they may need further financial details as well. Your lawyer will let you know what documents they need. And with your permission, they can help you get them from all relevant parties.

Car accident lawsuits and claims can take a long time. They’re complicated and stressful. But hiring a car accident lawyer can help take that stress away. At Accident Lawyer John Fagan, we work hard to get you the result and compensation you deserve.


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