Orange Park Injury Attorney

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you and your Orange Park injury attorney will almost certainly have to go through discovery, which is when both sides request detailed information from each other about the case. Many personal injury claimants don’t like discovery because it forces them to reveal information they find embarrassing or which they think might hurt their case.

However, it’s just part of the process, and your Orange Park injury lawyer will do his best to minimize the damage to your case. Discovery requests must be taken seriously and cannot be avoided. If your Orange Park injury lawyer tries to ignore them or refuses to comply, the defense counsel will likely send back a Motion to Compel with requests for sanctions by the court.

If the defense counsel sends you interrogatories, your Orange Park injury attorney will advise you that you must answer them truthfully, no matter how much you don’t to want to admit to certain things. You may also find that the defense requests your medical records and files, and, yes, they are allowed to request those as well. Do not try to hide a previous injury or pre-existing condition from your Orange Park injury attorney; he needs all the information possible to work on your case. The insurance company’s attorneys have also seen plenty of claimants try to hide things, and they know what to look for.

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