Diary and Forms for Your Case

Orange Park Disability Attorney

Along with explaining the process involved in a Social Security disability hearing and collecting your medical records, your Orange Park disability attorney will discuss other important aspects of your case. For example, he or she may discuss the need to keep a daily diary and which forms you should sign as part of your case.

Daily Diary

Your Orange Park disability attorney may recommend that you begin keeping a daily diary. This device may be helpful in helping you to prepare for your testimony, especially if you have difficulty remembering information or providing enough details. Your attorney may suggest keeping a daily record of your symptoms, their severity, your treatment and your reaction to this treatment. Additionally, this record can help quantify problems when you have an impairment that is based on a range of symptoms of different severities.


In order for an Orange Park disability lawyer to be able to represent you in your disability case, you must sign an Appointment of Representative form. Your attorney may also need you to sign other forms, such as those necessary to request a hearing, consent forms to obtain your medical information and forms authorizing your attorney to obtain employment documents.

Following Up

After your attorney has the necessary forms in hand, he or she can request your employment and medical records. Additionally, he or she can request reports from your healthcare providers, review these documents and determine if further evaluations will be necessary in your case. To get started with these tasks, contact John Fagan at (904) 278-1000.


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