Dangerous Products In The News

► Roundup. Roundup is a popular weed-killer that’s
used commercially as well as by homeowners in their backyards. Recently, dozens
of lawsuits have been filed by landscapers, farmworkers, road crews and others,
claiming the product’s active chemical, glyphosate, causes cancer, and that its
manufacturer, Monsanto, has known this for decades but done nothing about it.

In one
case, a farmer’s widow in California claimed that her husband and his dog both
died of aggressive forms of lymphoma due to repeated exposure to the product. According
to the woman, her husband knew that most pesticides and herbicides were toxic
and tried to avoid them – but he didn’t take the same precautions with Roundup,
because Monsanto had claimed it was safe.

► Talcum powder. Johnson & Johnson’s Baby
Powder and other talcum powder products have been a mainstay of nurseries and
medicine cabinets for years. Most people associate them with changing tables
and preventing diaper rash.

However, many women also use these
products for feminine hygiene purposes. And that’s where the risks come in. A
jury in St. Louis recently held Johnson & Johnson liable for withholding
information from the public suggesting that the use of its talcum powder
products for feminine hygiene reasons could cause ovarian cancer.

Some 1,000 women have now filed
similar lawsuits against the company.

► Toy trapeze
Rainbow Play Systems makes popular wooden backyard playsets with plastic
trapeze rings. Recently, the company recalled some 130,000 trapeze ring sets
because of defects that can cause them to break, sending children falling to
the ground.

The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall after receiving more
than 100 complaints, including reports of concussions, lacerations, and a
broken finger.

rings are yellow triangles about 8.5 inches high by 6.5 inches wide. The playsets
have an aluminum plate on the wooden swing beam with the name Playgrounds
America, Rainbow Play Systems Inc., or Sunray Premium Playgrounds stamped on

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