Bike VS Car Accident:

What To Know If You’re The Victim In A Collision

It’s estimated around 55,000 cyclists are injured each
year by colliding with a car.

When this happens, it is important to know what to do. Although
bike vs car accidents follow similar procedures to regular auto accidents,
they’re not entirely the same.

Contact the Police!

It’s important to contact the police immediately. Even if you’re
not injured, you still need an officer to file a report.

Many cyclists don’t realize they’ve sustained an injury until
several hours or days late and if you leave the scene without a report, you may
never get the information of the at-fault driver or be able to file a

The police may also give the driver a ticket, which is useful
when trying to settle a claim.

Give a Statement

Make sure you give police your version of events. When you are
able, write down everything you remember.

Get Everyone’s Information

Police will most likely get this information for you.
You need:
** Name, phone number and address of the
** The driver’s license number, insurance
information, and license plate number

** Names and contact information of any
** Photos of any injuries and of the accident

Save the Evidence

It’s a good idea to preserve your bicycle in its post-accident
condition. If you can help it, don’t even wash the clothes you were wearing.
All of this can serve as helpful evidence in your claim.

Hire an Attorney

After you’ve been involved in a bike VS car accident, you’re
going to want to retain the services of an experienced attorney who
has handled cases like this.

Accident Lawyers John Fagan has been helping accident victims
since 1983. Just call us and speak with us for free. Call 904-LAW-1212 anytime
day or night.

We can negotiate with the insurance companies, advise you on how
to move forward, and represent you in a lawsuit if it comes to that.

You should never speak with the insurance company without first
consulting your lawyer. As you might assume, anything that you say to the
insurance company can later be used against you.#TransformationTuesday

There’s Never a Fee Unless We Get Money For You

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