How You Should Answer Questions When You Are Testifying

Your Jacksonville injury attorney will give you tips on how you should behave when you are giving testimony.

A Jacksonville Injury Attorney Will Tell You to Take Your Time When You Answer Questions and to Speak With Proper Grammar

Jacksonville injury attorneyYour Jacksonville injury attorney will advise you not to reply to questions until you have heard the entire question, considered it and organized your answer. Testifying is not the time to act casually. Your testimony is not a casual situation with a friend or relative and you should treat it seriously using proper grammar while waiting for questions to be asked completely.

Your Jacksonville Injury Lawyer Will Explain That You Shouldn’t Anticipate Questions

Don’t start replying to a question before it has been completed. Your lawyer will help you understand how important it is to make sure you have your answer prepared mentally before speaking out loud. You don’t have to rush and no one has a stopwatch timing you. The more thoughtful you are about your answers, the better answers you will give. It’s also imperative to speak in a clear voice.

Speak to an Experienced Jacksonville Injury Attorney

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