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We take confusion and worry off your back! Your job injury claim is handled for you from start to finish by some of the best workers’ compensation professionals you’ll find in the Florida.

We manage your medical treatment, tackle the endless paperwork, and fight insurance adjusters for you.

We have a 36-year track record of recovering CASH SETTLEMENTS for our workers’ compensation clients.

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Protect You & Your Family

Confusion and frustration follow any workers’ compensation injury. It only gets worse when you’re forced to deal with pushy insurance adjusters who don’t have your best interests at heart. We take on these adjusters everyday, so you don’t have to. As our client, you’ll never have to deal with them again.

Get a Doctor Who Understands You

Many of our clients have never needed to see a doctor who specializes in injury care. Don’t worry. We’ve been dealing with medical injury specialists since 1983. We know the medical specialists who deal with traumatic injuries. We will help you get the right doctor.

Get Your Wage Benefits Paid

Under Florida’s Workers’ Comp Law, you’re entitled to compensation when you’re hurt on the job. We will handle your claim and help you understand the law. This includes ensuring you have the proof you need to show the severity of your injury.

Act Fast to Get Your Cash Settlement

Our workers’ compensation team starts working on your case the minute you hire us. The workers’ compensation system is challenging, but you want to make sure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. We work hard to get you a cash settlement.

What You Need to Know About Workers’ Comp Claims


Under the Workers’ Comp Law in Florida, you are entitled to compensation when an injury occurs while you’re on the job. We will assist with your claim and help you understand the law, including calculating your total compensation to ensure you have the necessary proof to show the severity of the injury.


When injured on the job, it is imperative you must file a claim with your employer as soon as possible. You have 30 days from the date of the accident to report your injuries. Failure to report your injury to your workplace could forfeit your workers’ compensation benefits. We will assist you with filing your claim!


Under Florida law, all employers must provide coverage to their employees for work related injuries or accidents ... full-time, part-time or temporary employees. The only type of employee exempt are contract employees. Call us today to find out if you are eligible.


As part of your workers’ comp benefits, you may seek medical care for any injuries. Your benefits include: *Necessary Medical Treatment, *Doctor Visits, *Medical Tests, *Physical Therapy, *Prescriptions, * Prostheses. Your benefits also include traveling costs to and from your doctor or pharmacy.


When you are unable to work because of your injuries, you are entitled to lost wage compensation. This pays two-thirds of your wages you are able to earn because of your injuries. The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation determines your payout based on the severity of your injuries.


Having a workers’ compensation lawyer to help navigate the legal system will ensure swift results as well as the best opportunity to receive the compensation and benefits you deserve. We know how the system works!. We know how to deal with pushy adjusters.... and we will file your claim quickly and accurately.

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There’s a reason that our reputation precedes us: our 36 year history has garnered us some of the top reviews in the personal injury and workers’ compensation industry.

My experience with this firm was not only better than I anticipated, it was a huge relief. I didn't have to babysit like I did with the large firm I left to come here. Attorney, David Drill was professional, knowledgeable, understanding and straightforward. He was never dismissive or intolerant of my tears and always asked me for my input while offering his perspective and expertise. The office staff was always friendly and responsive. I will be referring literally everyone I can here. I can’t thank them enough. —- Tracey L.

I was very pleased with the service I received at John Fagan’s Law Office. Attorney David Drill was top notch in getting my case out in the open and getting the settlement done. Case Manager, Debbie Johnson was wonderful. She kept me in the loop and provided me with any other information I desired. I would say to anyone considering an attorney to call John Fagan. —- District 14
Daphne and the staff at John Fagan’s Law Office provided and demonstrated professional service in each of my cases. Daphne was available to answer every medical, insurance, and any additional legal question of my concern. Daphne consistently contacted me when there was an update in my case. I had no worries or stress on the outcome of my case. —- Kathryn M.
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