7 Documents to Have When Meeting Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? Are you wondering how to build the best case for the crash?

If so, there are two things you’ll need: a motorcycle accident lawyer and the right documents in order to build your case, such as:

1. Insurance Information

When you’re at the scene of the accident, it’s vitally important that you exchange information with the other parties involved.

Be sure to get their license plate numbers, vehicle’s registration number, driver’s license number, and car insurance information.

You’ll also want to describe their vehicle as in-depth as possible. That means writing down the car’s model, make, year, color, and condition.

2. Witness Information

Whether you’re the party at fault for the accident or not, you and your attorney will spend a bulk of your time together compiling as much evidence as possible.

That all starts, once again, at the scene of the accident. Be sure to get as much information as you can from any and all witnesses.

Get their name, number, and email information so your lawyer can contact them at a later date. You’ll also want to get brief statements from witnesses of what they saw.

3. Proof of Payment

While motorcycle insurance is extremely important for any rider, some people choose not to have it (which is illegal).

If an auto accident occurs, those without it might try to avoid questioning and just list an insurance provider to avoid further suspicion.

This is why proof of insurance payments is one of the first things that your trusted bike accident attorney will ask for. Be sure to bring in any sort of proof that you’ve been paying your premiums on the motorcycle insurance.

4. Photos of the Scene

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re building your case. They’re hard for the opposition to dispute.

Whenever you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, be sure to take as many pictures of the scene as possible.

Take photos of your bike, the other cars involved, the people involved, the street you were on, the time of the day, any injuries you sustained, the witnesses that were around, their license plate numbers, and so on.

The pictures that you get will help solidify your story. They can help double-down on the police report, statements from witnesses, and give your attorney a clearer picture of what happened.

5. Pictures and Proof of Damage

Pictures of the damage to your bike will make credible evidence, but it isn’t the end-all-be-all. As painful as it might be, you should not fix the damage to your bike until the case is settled.

The damage to your bike, helmet, motorcycle jacket, and so on may very well be the matter-of-fact proof that you need to win your case.

Hold on to any damaged items and bring them to your attorney. Whether you’re trying to settle or take this case to trial, damaged items can give your side all of the momenta.

6. Any Tickets You Received

Plain and simple, your attorney needs to see physical copies of any tickets you received about the accident.

It doesn’t matter whether it was a reckless driving ticket, speeding ticket, or failure to yield ticket, your attorney can’t help you if they don’t know all of the facts.

7. Personal Notes

You’re only human. As the days go on, you’ll start to forget all about the minor details of your accident and what happened.

You must remember as much as you can from your side of the story. After you’ve driven away from the scene, be sure to pull out your phone, open the Notes app, and write down as many minor details as you can think of.

Have These Documents Ready for Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Now that you’ve seen all the different documents you need to have for your motorcycle accident lawyer, it’s time to gather them all for your case.

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