5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Are you looking for an attorney to represent you in your bicycle accident case? If so, you need to find the right fit for your needs.

Finding the right bicycle accident lawyer starts with asking the right questions.

1. How Long Have You Been an Attorney?

Experience is everything in the legal world. You only get one shot at pursuing the right compensation for your bicycle accident, so you want to make it count.

The amount of years an attorney has been practicing is important. The more years they have under their belt, the more connections they’ve made within the local legal system.

If you hire an experienced attorney, then odds are they know the judge, the lawyers representing your opposition, and the police officers that reported your accident. Those connections can go a long way!

More importantly, it means that they’ve seen it all. There’s no twists or turns in your case that they haven’t dealt with before. They’ll know exactly how to pivot your case for each obstacle along the way.

2. Do You Specialize in Bicycle Accidents?

Of course, all those years of experience won’t do you any good if they don’t have experience handling a bicycle accident case.

Technically, a bicycle accident falls under the umbrella of a personal injury case. This means you need a professional experienced attorney that handles these types of cases daily.

3. How Do You Communicate With Your Clients?

Communication is a vital part of the success of your case. You want to find a lawyer who shines a light on each part of the process.

You’ll needa lawyer who can walk you through the process step by step. They can set expectations for you and fill you in on where they are with gathering evidence, documentation, etc.

4. Do You Delegate Your Work?

If you’re hiring a lawyer for your bike accident case, then you want to make sure you’ll be working with them throughout the process. Too many times, people hire a lawyer but deal mostly with their assistants.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a lawyer that delegates work. It can help ensure your case is taking as little time as possible to prepare for. However, if you’re paying for their experience, then you want their hand on the process and files.

As long as the attorney is honest and upfront with you about how they delegate the different tasks of your case, you can take them at their word.

5. Do You Have References?

Any attorney can tell you they’re dedicated to your case and have a proven track record of success, but only the legitimate ones can back it up with proof.

There’s no better proof than the word of past and current clients. You can get in contact with an attorney’s clients by simply requesting a list of references to call.

Successful attorneys have no issue connecting you with satisfied clients.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking for references and reviews, then you can always search for online reviews.

Doing your research ahead of time can help you understand how they go about their business.

Find the Right Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Your Case

Now that you’ve seen all the right questions to ask a bicycle accident lawyer, it’s time to find the right fit for your case.

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For more inquiries, reach out to bicycle accident expert John Fagan at 904-LAW-1212 and we will be happy to assist you further!

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